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It shouldn't matter where you go on your honeymoon as long as you're together, right? Yes, to an extent. Your honeymoon is about celebrating the beginning of your married life with your new spouse and therefore you probably wouldn't choose a honeymoon destination full of bushwalking, skydiving and theme park opportunities.

You are not choosing a honeymoon destination because of where it is, you are choosing a honeymoon destination because of the opportunities it will give you to spend time with your new spouse and escape your everyday life.

Therefore, choose somewhere which will make your escape as easy as possible, and how much easier is a honeymoon in your own country? No long plane flights, no traveller's cheques and all you have to do is hire a limousine and you can start celebrating and relaxing as soon as your chauffeur opens the door for you.

Now you just have to decide where to direct your chauffeur driven limousine. You could opt for the tranquillity of Gwynedd and choose the Pal� Hall Country House as your honeymoon hotel.

This luxurious hotel was built in the 1870s and reflects the Victorian era in its vaulted entrance ceiling, galleried oak staircase, hand painted boudoir ceiling and marble bar and fireplaces.

The suites are all individually decorated and have a view over the calming Gwynedd countryside, into the mountains and across the grounds of Pal� Hall. Even Queen Victoria saw the benefits of the Gwynedd countryside and the beauty of Pal� Hall when she stayed at the hotel in 1889. You can even choose to stay in Queen Victoria's room on your honeymoon, still equipped with the original bath and antique bed used by the Queen.

The menu at the country house is influenced by the fresh local produce sourced from around Gwynedd and is coupled with an intimate candle light atmosphere. If you do decide you are up for some exploring further a field, the Land Rover Experience Centre is located in town and gives you the opportunity to experience the countryside off the beaten track.

Once you are done with your exploring and escaping, inside the hotel and out, simply slide back into the comfort of your chauffeur driven limousine and ease back into your everyday life after your honeymoon.

For more information about limousines available for your Welsh honeymoon, contact our sales team today and see how we can help you to organise a unforgettable experience in Wales.

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