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Limos Blamed for Climate Change

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Limos Blamed for Climate Change

In 1953, the greatest storm surge on record in the North Sea occurred on 31 January and 1 February. The surge height hit 2.74 metres at Southend in Essex and 2.97 metres at King's Lyn in Norfolk. While it was recently predicted that another such surge would hit the east coast, it seems to have amounted to less than its towering predecessor.

When the storm surge hit the UK in 1953 and 300 people were killed, it was an act of nature, scary and uncontrollable, but no one's fault. However, when a repeat of the surge was predicted in the noughties, it has to do with global warming, emissions and is not just a freak weather condition.

Those under especially close scrutiny in the global warming issues are limousine hire companies and chauffeurs who are easily targeted because they are easily noticeable on the streets of the UK in oversizes luxury cars. The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has proposed to enforce a �25 toll for anyone entering London in a high emissions car.

So not only do limousine hire companies have to battle the costs of their super stretch limos guzzling fuel and the rising prices of that fuel, they are also going to be charged a substantial amount more to enter the city of London, not to mention the grief limo hire companies get for operating fleets of such environmentally unfriendly luxury cars.

While many limo hire companies are switching to gas, or even to hybrid limousines like the new Lexus LS600h, when you really want a ride in a stretch Hummer to get your hen's night started, a Lexus just isn't the same thing. But limousine hire companies understand the cost of running their larger (less fuel efficient) limos, because they're the ones who pay the bills on the fuel and the charges for running larger vehicles through the cities.

If limo hire companies have to keep passing on the costs of running their fleets of larger limos, plus the costs enforced by government to save the planet, the only people who will be able to afford to hire a limousine will be rich businessmen and expansive government departments, and these are the people who are forcing the prices of limo hire upwards.

So if you are planning a hen's night out in a Hummer limousine or a golf day in a Lincoln Navigator, make the most of the journey to your destination, but don't make your chauffeur drive you around and around the city on your night out, let them stop and turn off the engine.

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