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Limo Access To Outdoor Wedding

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Limo Access To Outdoor Wedding

Many brides are now choosing to have their weddings outside, in gardens, gazebos or vineyards. They are able to be close to nature, be in the right place for beautiful photos and have looser restrictions on the number of people they have at the reception because of the open space.

However, there is an important part of an outdoor wedding which many brides don't think about until they are walking down the aisle - that they have to walk down the aisle. Of course the brides know they have to walk down the aisle, but at an outside wedding there will often be grass or gravel or both to cross before getting to the aisle which has been laid out.

Crossing this stretch of grass when all of their guests are watching and their high heels are digging into the ground and their dress is getting grass stains on it is something that most brides will wish they had thought of before they got out of the limo.

Therefore, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, you need to find out if there is grass you will need to cross before you can walk down the aisle. If so, you will need to find out whether your wedding limo is allowed to drive on the grass and if they are, your chauffeur can stop right in front of the aisle for you.

The wedding car chauffeur will need to be a skilled driver to manoeuvrer across possibly slippery grass, around the children and other guests and line up perfectly with the aisle laid out waiting for you.

As the limo pulls up to the aisle, the anticipation will build for your guests and when the chauffeur opens your door and helps you out of the limo, your guests will be presented with a beautiful, composed bride, ready to make her way gracefully down the aisle.

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