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Preston bore many famous people and whether you are into cricket or cartoons, there is a little history in Preston for everyone. And what better way to walk in the footsteps of your famous idols than in the transport they take to their awards shows and presentation ceremonies, a chauffeur driven limousine.

You can hop in a limousine to Preston from anywhere in the UK as the city is in quite a central region, plus not too far from the coast either if you are in the area on holiday. If you are a cricketing fanatic, you will know that it was Andrew Freddie' Flintoff who was the captain of the English cricket team in 2006. Flintoff grew up and went to school at Ribbleton Hall in Preston and while he didn't have much time for cricket at school, he and his brothers perfected their game on the beaches around Preston before Flintoff joined his local club, Harris Park.

When walking in Flintoff's famous footsteps you want to make sure you have plenty of energy to follow him all the way through his home town, as well as some energy left over for a quick game of cricket after being inspired by your hero. Therefore, your limousine chauffeur can take car of the driving and the directions while you sit back and dream your own dreams of cricketing glory.

Or you may be more of a movie buff and if so you will know that the creator of the animated Wallace and Gromit films, as well as Chicken Run, is Nick Park. Park was born in Preston too and throughout his childhood had a strong interest in drawing cartoons which he honed during his years at Sheffield Polytechnic which is now Sheffield Hallam University.

While a fire gutted Park's archive warehouse in 2005 in which he lost many of his models, you can still hop into a chauffeur driven limousine and see where it all started as Preston is still standing and ready to welcome you. You can tour the main street of Preston, the schools or the sporting grounds or you can just enjoy a day out in the countryside imagining what your idols were doing when they grew up here and who else will emerge from this pivotal city.

For more information about hiring a limousine for a tour of Preston and to follow the path of your hero, contact Limo Broker now.

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