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Celebrate New Year in Style

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Celebrate New Year In Style

Christmas New Years Eve limo hireNew Year's Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year so why not celebrate 70s style?!

Right here in London is your very own Studio 54, a replica of the famous, exclusive club in New York City. Studio 54 is famous for being a melting pot where the rich and famous mingle with the average folk, so which one do you want to be?

What better way to truly play the part of an outrageous, New York party animal than to arrive at this unique club in your own chauffeur driven stretch limo. Your limo can be white, black, grey, pink, even purple if you want as the whole aim of Studio 54ers is to have the time of their lives and make sure everyone is watching. Most people tend to hire our Hummer H2 limos which are known be one of the best limos on the market.

As you arrive in your stretch limo, you will fit seamlessly into the pseudo American city created by the British replica. You will be greeted by a winter wonderland, decorated to within an inch of its life in true American style.

After presenting your ticket, tickets which are given only to a select few (those who purchased a ticket for the New Year's Eve Party) you will then strut up the red carpet leading to the club, passing those unable to be included in this exclusive party.

Once inside the nightclub you will be met by the music, beat and bodies of those enjoying the end of the year and getting ready to celebrate the welcoming of a new beginning. There are cages suspended from the ceiling in which dancers strut their stuff and the waiting staff, complete with afros and angel wings, stand ready and waiting to offer you an equally bizarre coloured cocktail.

This truly memorable New Year's Eve experience also includes professional dancers, skaters, acrobats, trapeze artists, fire eaters, a four course meal, after dinner DJ, under cover dodgem cars, casino tables, cocktail and champagne bar, Cuban cigar bar as well as on site parking, cloak room and the opportunity to include an accommodation package.

Also, if you arrive and feel a little under (moderately) dressed, there is also a glamour zone where you can add false eye lashes, rainbow coloured wigs and temporary tattoos.

After the New Year has been well and truly welcomed in and you have fully experienced all of the excitement of this unique New York club your limo will be waiting for you outside to take you home in true American (passed out) style if necessary.

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