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London Cabs Used as Limos...

In London the sight of a taxi is an everyday image which we take for granted. While there are cabs around the world which are in worse condition than ours here in the capital, we don't really see them as anything special, but is that just because we see them everyday?

However, the London Executive Sedan which is used as a London cab is being used in the limousine hire industry in the USA. So is it just that we see the cabs everyday which make them seem ordinary to us, or are they really limousine material? Vehicles which we traditionally associate with being a limousine are on our roads more and more now and this is why limousine manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of colour, style and accessories further and further to create the next really unique and head turning limousine.

For example, there are a variety of Hummer limousines on the streets of London and they can be seen as often during the week as on a big Saturday night out in the city. However, in the US, the Hummer's home country, the Americans are turning to the London cabs as their next big thing in the limousine industry.

While London likes to consider itself stylish and modern, the London cabs are a base model used as a taxi for practical reasons not for their immense style. However, anyone who has seen a Hummer limousine trundle past them will wonder whether there was ever any style in that limo either.

Hiring out limousines is less about convincing people they are getting the most stylish and exclusive new limo on the streets and more about giving them something different to choose from. While we may think that hiring out London cabs as American luxury limos is misleading and kind of weird, no one is being forced to hire them and if the London cab is the style of limousine which appeals to someone, then that is what they should hire.

After all the limo hire industry is about allowing passengers to hire and enjoy vehicles they normally can't ride in or can't afford so if the Americans want to live vicariously through our cabs to enjoy a little of the London lifestyle, they should be more than welcome.

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