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Here in the UK we are not the only ones who take our limousine transport seriously so you will be glad to know that if you are attending an important business meeting, seeing family or quietly eloping to Turkey there will be a quality limousine service waiting for you at the airport at the other end too.

Inter Limousine Service was established in 1982 specifically to cater to tourists who visited Turkey and needed reliable, safe and comfortable transport to all areas of the country. With limousine transport which is safe and reliable available in Turkey, not only do the tourists and the limo hire company benefit, but so too do the local businesses who are visited by the tourists in their limos. Inter Limousine Service is also the limo hire company which provided transport when the King of Saudi Arabia visited Turkey so the safety and quality are world class.

The Turkish limo hire company also provides transport for state representatives, consulate generals, five star hotels, local and foreign companies and tourist agencies. Inter Limousine Service also has a varied fleet of limos for its varied clients. The fleet includes Mercedes S 350 L, Mercedes E 200, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Viano and Cadillac Fleetwood De Ville 70. Also, as well as the limo hire services you can also hire a yacht, helicopter or tour guide services while in Turkey, all in one place.

Also, since Inter Limousine Service sources much of its limo hire clientele from the tourism sector, the chauffeurs all speak at least one foreign language, as well as being dress uniformly in the same suit, shirt, tie and they all even carry the same cell phone and wear the same sunglasses.

The Turkish limo hire industry understands that it is not only the safety and quality of the limousines offered, it is also the little points which make hiring a limousine and being in a different country easier.

For more information about hiring a limousine while still in the UK, contact Limo Broker now.

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