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Oxford Team Building Limo Transport

It's often said that the business which plays together stays together, well, actually it isn't but it's a good theory anyway. If your business team gets along, it only makes sense that they will work together better, be more productive, happier at work and therefore do their jobs better - good for them and good for the business too.

Therefore, to get your Oxford office performing to their best, organise for some fun team building activities, you don't even have to go far. Phoenix Leisure organises team building exercises in and around Oxford and can cater to the needs of your business, staff and time frames. Team building activities can take place indoors or outdoors, can take up a whole weekend or just an afternoon, but regardless of the exercises you choose, make sure your staff all arrive on time and in the mood for fun, by hiring a limousine to transport everyone.

You can organise for a corporate limousine hire package to pick up all of your staff and transport them into Oxford to the Phoenix Leisure activities you have chosen. Your staff can start to relax and get to know each other better during the limousine ride, and none of the activities are held up because some staff are late, or forgot, or got lost...

With a range of activities like communication activities, casino nights, quad bikes, archery, murder mystery evenings and even family fun days, Phoenix Leisure can build a team building package which suits your team and your business needs. Also, after a day or weekend of team building activities your staff will be tired but happy and the safest way to get everyone home again is to send them back by limousine too.

Plus, having your corporate limousines on hand after your team building exercises means that you can go to a pub or restaurant in oxford afterwards for some more informal bonding, and still not have to worry about how to get everyone home.

For more information about organising a corporate limousine hire package in Oxford for your next team building event, contact Limo Broker now.

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