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Hiring a limo is not just like hailing a taxi, you are paying more for the ride and you want to make sure you are not paying extra for nothing. Therefore, make sure you ask the right questions about your limo before you hop in.

Some of these questions are for your safety and others are to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. There may also be other questions to ask which relate to your individual hire so make sure you think about everything you need and are expecting from your limo hire company.

Therefore, questions to ask before you hire a limo include;

  1. Are your limousines insured and can I see proof? This ensures you are protected in case of an accident while in the limo.
  2. How can I pay? If you don't have a credit card or the limo hire company only takes cash, you need to know before you sign.
  3. Can I have a conformation of booking faxed/emailed to me? This ensures all of the details are clear and you have proof of your booking.
  4. Have I hired a limo? Make sure you check that you have hired a limo for just your party, and that a mini bus isn't going to show up full of strangers.
  5. What happens if I cancel? Some limo hire companies will charge you a percentage of the fee or a flat cancellation fee if you cancel within a certain amount of time before the booking.
  6. Is that the best price? Some limo hire companies will offer discounts for hirings during the week or during the day, often all you have to do is ask. Also ask about a corporate or group discount for your hire.
  7. Which limousine is mine? Make sure you find out the year, model and make of the limousine you hire as a 1930s Lincoln can be a lot different to a 2000 model.
  8. What is included? Ask about extras such as streamers, drinks, champagne, red carpet, TVs and phone lines.
  9. Mind if I smoke? You may mind, or you may not but you should find out if you are hiring a smoking or non-smoking limousine.
  10. Where shall I meet you? Will the driver pick you up at the restaurant, your door or the baggage claim at the airport?
  11. Are you a member? If a limo hire company is a member of limousine industry associations, this shows a commitment to their industry as well as guidelines which they must adhere to.

For more information or to ask Limo Broker some or all of these questions, contact us now.

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