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It is true in any business or industry that you will get what you pay for. Therefore, while you want your limo hire company to turn a profit, you also want to make sure you are paying your chauffeurs enough to live on, and giving them enough shifts for them to pay their bills too. Also, with tipping becoming more common around the world and no longer just restricted to the US, it is hard for limo hire company operators to know whether to reduce their chauffeur's pay as they can make it up in their tips, or include a standard tip in their passengers' bill to ensure that their chauffeur is rewarded.

Some limo hire companies will tell their customers up front that there is no tip or �service charge' as it is sometimes called, included in their limo hire cost and it is up to them to reward their chauffeur as they see fit. In this way, the chauffeur knows they are getting a wage from their limo hire company for their night's work, and if they conclude a particularly well executed limousine ride, they are likely to receive thanks from their passengers too.

It also depends on whether the limo hire company's chauffeurs are employees on a wage, or are contractors who have their own expenses, taxes and obligations to look after. However, regardless of the type of employment contract your chauffeurs are on, you should be able to ensure you and they are happy. You may also want to make sure that it is clear who is responsible for cleaning the limo at the end of the night, and whether the chauffeur is paid as soon as they pick up their limo, or when they pick up their passengers.

How much your chauffeurs will need to live on, in other words the standard wage in your area, is going to differ depending on where you are operating your limo hire company. Therefore, considering the percentage you need to keep from each job, and the standard wage of your area, you should be able to negotiate an amount you and your chauffeurs are happy to work on.

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