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Limo Safety for the President

President Bush elicits an extraordinary web of security around him whenever he travels and his trip to Zagreb this month is no exception. With the hotel he is staying in not allowing any other guests, the streets swept along every possible route he will take during his journey and his own personal armoured limousine flying in with him, his safety is almost secured.

As well as being transported in his Presidential limousine which has a host of unique safety features, Bush will also be accompanied by 800 secret service agents, 60 Hunter military planes and 40 other armoured vehicles in his convoy. After the Bucharest NATO summit and a visit to Ukraine, Bush is speculated to arrive in Zagreb. The security which precedes such a landing includes a sweep by the Hunter planes which were given special permission to fly.

After which, the Presidential limousine will be set down to take Bush from the airport to his hotel. His Presidential limousine will be flanked by the 40 other vehicles in the convoy and later half of his convoy will head to the US Embassy, while the rest will follow the President on his rounds. The President's limousine goes everywhere with him so that Bush can be sure that he has his own preapproved and fully fitted transport.

In creating a limousine with armour plating, security against chemical warfare and the ability to keep moving even if all of its tyres have been punctured, the President is sure to want to have this vehicle close at hand. The security surrounding the President is obviously tight, all of the time, and so too is the security surrounding his limousine. With both the President and his limousine protected, the secret service has their bases covered as both fly in on Airforce One and both are covered by heavy security convoys.

While you may not have a barrage of secret service officers in your limousine convoy, we can find you a limousine which will make you feel just as important as any President, so contact Limo Broker now.

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