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To operate a limousine for hire, there are a number of licenses a limo hire company must apply for and obtain. These include the correct licensing for the driver and the vehicle, but some areas also require licensing for operating in specific areas such as airports.

This is the case at the Los Angeles airport and while most limo hire companies and taxi companies do the right thing and get all of the necessary licenses, there are of course operators who flout the laws and regulations and operate in areas they are not licensed for.

Therefore, the limo hire companies and taxi drivers are losing business to vehicles which are not even authorised to be picking up at the airport. This prompted a crackdown on those vehicles operating without the correct licenses.

While all commercial vehicles operating at the LA airport must have permits from the Public Utilities Commission and Los Angeles World Airports, all vehicles were also checked for general safety and full licensing compliance.

A similar crackdown was run last year in which there were several arrests, 19 citations and 14 commercial vehicles were banned from the airport.

The extra airport licensing is in place to protect the limo hire companies and taxi drivers who have put the effort into pursing the airport transfer business and have done the right thing in getting all of the necessary licensing. The licensing however is pointless if there is no one enforcing it and from the number of commercial vehicles uncovered doing the wrong thing, it is clear that enforcement of the airport licences needs to be a more regular occurrence.

For more information about an airport transfer in your area or about the licensing required on your hired limousine, contact Limo Broker now.

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