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We all hate paying insurance, but we would never be without it for peace of mind and help in a crisis. However, one of the biggest costs and the biggest trials for limo hire companies, especially those starting out, is getting insurance for their business and their limousines...

This can be in part because of the nature of their business and a general insurance company is generally unwilling to insure such a large and expensive vehicle for a new business operator.

This issue can be avoided by seeking out specialised limousine insurance agents, there may even be an insurance agency specific to the very model of the limousines hired out.

However, another issue limo hire companies find with their insurance is the fact that insurance premiums can vary greatly depending on the area the limo hire company is based in.

This is an issue because many limo hire companies not only service the area they are based in, but surrounding areas too, so they may be competing with limo hire companies in the same area, which are based around the country and paying less insurance and having lower running costs.

The newer limo hire companies may also be paying more for their insurance because they are just starting out and have no history to help lower the premiums of their liability insurance. Also, a new limo hire company may have hired less experienced chauffeurs and this will cost them more in insurance too.

So, like all of us, limo hire companies simply have to pay the insurance premiums allocated to them with relation to their circumstances and shop around for the best deal for those circumstances, until they gain experience and a history with the insurance company.

We hope this limo insurance article was useful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions.

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