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2009 Ford Flex Limo..

The new Ford Flex set for release in 2009 is a new look and style for the manufacturer and has a range of new features and accessories you won't find anywhere else. While the name may refer to the flexibility of the interior, no one is really sure, but what we are sure about is that this new seven seater will turn heads wherever it goes.

The new Flex limousine is a strong and powerful looking luxury vehicle and has four strakes along its flanks, full tinted windows throughout, the option of a contrasting roof colour in white or silver, brushed metallic appliqu� on the lift gate and of course the famous three bar grille ensures there is no doubt about which limousine is approaching.

Creating the look of style, size and comfort, the Ford Flex is marking out its place as competition for the likes of the Hummer limos and Lincoln SUV limousines. Inside there is also the option of turning the interior into a six seater space utilising second row bucket seats. Also, because of the rigidity of the upright body of the Flex the interior space and visibility would be in danger of becoming limited and dark. However, the Ford designers have cleverly combated this by inserting two sunroofs - one over the front seats and an enlarged sunroof in a fixed panel over the rear seating.

An unusual fabric is used in the standard options of the Flex and one not usually seen in the upholstery of a limousine - tweed. On the base of the seats there are houndstooth patches as inserts, while on the top of the line model the entire seats are leather. The Ford Flexx is 202 inches long, 80 inches wide and 68 inches tall making sure that with the physical space coupled with the clever lighting and space enhancers, there is plenty of room for all seven passengers to relax and enjoy the smooth ride in the newest SUV limo.

While not yet released in the UK, we do have a range of SUV limousines and stretch limousines available for hire in your area so contact Limo Broker now for more information.

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