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Licensing and regulation is important in any sort of business and in every industry. However, in a country as large as the UK and in an industry as diverse and fluid as limousine hire, it can be tricky for all of the councils and regulatory bodies to keep up.

However, this is also the reason why it is so important to keep on top of limousine licensing and check up on the businesses operating in your area. Limousine hire is no longer just for businessmen who need to get to the airport or across town for an important meeting. Limousines are used more and more everyday and every week (not to mention weekend) for school students going to and from their proms, hen's night parties, weddings and even children's parties.

So for the safety of the ever growing passenger base of limo hire companies in the UK, licensing is constantly being review, updated and uniformed. Luckily in York, the local council is behind the move for limousine hire company operators to be fully licensed. The move for the licensing of York limousines includes the licensing of limousines, their chauffeurs and the limousine hire companies themselves.

The licensing manager in York, John Lacy has said, rightly so, that people will feel safer and more secure in their limousine hire choices if businesses are licensed, the vehicles undergo rigorous safety checks, and the chauffeurs have undertaken Criminal Records Bureau vetting by the council.

And even those passengers who don't think to check on these sorts of regulations and licensing will be protected from the rouge limousine hire company operators who try to cut corners, and as a result reduce safety, wherever they can. The local limousine hire companies are also behind the uniformity of the limousine licensing laws as the honest limo hire companies are often undercut by the rouge operators who are able to offer hire cheaper because they have not carried out the sufficient safety and maintenance checks.

For more information about hiring a limousine in York which is fully licensed and regulated, contact Limo Broker now.

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