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Coventry is a wonderful holiday destination for that perfect holiday at home. You know the one where you need to choose somewhere close and easy to get to, somewhere with a comfortable, relaxing and of course luxurious hotel so you really feel like you're away from home and indulging in a little decadence, but you still want to choose a hotel or complex with enough activities to ensure you don't feel lazy, but just far enough you don't feel as though you should be sightseeing to all the important local monuments, and can instead enjoy the chance to relax on holiday this time.

The Windmill Village Hotel in Coventry meets all of these needs and more and to ensure that you aren't tempted to overexert yourself on your holiday at home, hire a limousine to get you to the hotel too. This means that you are putting your holiday and your relaxation in the very capable hands of your chauffeur and you do not even have to lift a finger to drive you and your partner to your holiday in Coventry.

Instead you can sit back and enjoy the ride through Coventry to The Windmill Village Hotel and start relaxing and enjoying your break right away. Once you have arrived and settled into your room, The Windmill has plenty of activities to keep you occupied right there on the grounds so you won't even miss having your own car. If, in between the games of golf on the hotel grounds, or being pampered at the leisure club you feel the urge to head into town for dinner, then your chauffeur will be right there waiting to drive you in.

Otherwise you are free and unattached to the outside world and can enjoy the relaxation and seclusion of one of Coventry's most diverse and well equipped hotels. Then when you are ready to check out your chauffeur will be there to help you reload all of your luggage and drive you smoothly back home so you can preserve that feeling of holiday freedom just a little longer.

So for more information about hiring a limousine to take you on a relaxing and removed holiday in Coventry, contact Limo Broker now.

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