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Limo hire in Warrington and Manchester has just got cheaper and much easier to book. Limo Broker is one of the leading limo hire companies in the UK who specialize in all types of events and occasions. Whether you are celebrating a birthday party and require a stretched 6 or 8 wheeler Hummer limo or organsing your best friends hen party and want to book a surprise pink limo, we can help you book it faster and cheaper.

For more details about our Warrington limo hire services, please contact us on 0871 789 66 55 or click here to get a quote.

Extraordinary Limos...

Many people associate the style and sophistication of stretch limos with the Hollywood stars. But what are the stars really getting around in? Wouldn't a stretch Hummer be a pain to park when you went down to the shops?

Well Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't think so. But is it any surprise that the toughest actor and politician around would be driving the toughest car around? Arnie loves the Hummer H2s with their strobe lights, karaoke machine, in-built sound system including CD player, DVD player and flat panel TV, fibre optic lighting, laser lights, mirrored ceiling and leather seats.

While Hummers have been around for a while, the H2s are a whole new statement in tough luxury travel. The hummers are actually domestic adaptations of the Humvee, a military troop transport vehicle, so with its tough heritage and 6 litre V8 engine, the H2s demand attention and respect.

Also, despite all of the toughness and luxury, the hummers are also very safe as they have a high ground clearance which enhances stability and a steel and aluminium construction.

But Schwarzenegger obviously gets enough wind in his hair as there are also several stretch limos out there which have been converted to convertibles.

For example, there is a 1939 Cadillac stretch limo with its top off which was said to once have belonged to the US Ambassador to France.

Or there is the 1995 Mercedes convertible limo which is an S500 and was custom built. It also includes a TV and stereo and was converted in 2003 in San Diego. For extreme exclusivity, there is also a 12 passenger convertible Mercedes-Benz stretch limo available with a Jacuzzi!

And for the ultimate rev-head, there is a convertible, stretch Ferrari limousine which can seat up to 16 passengers for the ride of their lives.

So if you feel spoilt when you hire a limo for your next special night out, you are only getting a glimpse of how the other half live, but you'll have a ball all the same.

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