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When you hear the phrase business conference' you immediately think of a big old country house, or a huge impersonal city hotel with sticky name tags, awkward folders and boring speakers. While this sort of conference venue may be fine for a large company with an extensive board of directors all counting down to their retirement, not all businesses or business people are on the way out.

If you are organising a business conference for a new, young and vibrant business, then you need a venue which matches your company's personality and in Truro you have found just the place. The Royal Truro Hotel is a specially designed, business focussed venue which specialises is catering to small, modern business and their conference needs.

And what would a modern and up to date business conference be without equally chic and stylish transportation for its delegates? That's right, for your business conference in Truro you need to organise a corporate limousine hire package to transport all of your staff, or managers or shareholders - whatever the reason for your conference - to the Royal Hotel.

The Royal Hotel in Truro caters only to small conferences and the meeting suite holds just 20 people. Therefore, in organising for a corporate limousine hire package for your delegates, you will not be committing to a major transport mission. Instead you will be ensuring that all your conference guests arrive at the Royal Hotel Truro in time for all of your carefully planned events, and that their experience of your conference reflects the modern and forward thinking attitude of your business, from start to finish.

For more information about organising for an affordable and well presented corporate limousine hire package to get your conference delegates into Truro, regardless from where in the UK they are coming from, contact Limo Broker now.

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