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Hire a limousine in Sunderland or anywhere in the North West at the best prices from Limo Broker. For more details, please call us on 0871 789 66 55.

When limousine hire is booked in advance for instances such as corporate hire where the limousine and chauffeur services will be needed at regular intervals throughout the year, corporate hire customers like to be able to pay up front as this secures them their choice of limousine, and they are also in a position to negotiate a discount on their bulk hire.

However, with the passenger paying in advance, the limo hire company has to quote in advance and this means they are accepting payment at the beginning of the year, for services which are very likely going to cost them more to deliver down the track. This is mainly due to the uncertainty - or the certain rises - of fuel prices, and so limo hire companies will often include a disclaimer in their quotes for hire down the track, that if the price of fuel goes up, there will be a surcharge of a certain amount.

And limo hire passengers are willing to accept this because they know from filling up their own vehicles that it is getting more and more expensive every time they visit the fuel station. However, for the limo hire passengers who do not book yearly contracts, or book their hire well in advance, you may still encounter limo hire companies putting a fuel surcharge' on top of your bill.

This is not necessary in most limo hire companies as the high fuel prices have been a reality for quite a while now and most limo hire companies have had plenty of opportunity to adjust their rates. Instead, they don't take the time to update the price list on their website, or their brochures in their mail outs and so tell customers that they haven't raised their prices, but there is this surcharge at the bottom of your bill.

So while we are willing to accept that fuel prices - and therefore the prices in all industries which rely on fuel - have gone up, make sure you carefully check over your limo hire bill for hidden, or not so hidden, charges.

For more information about hiring a limousine from a limo hire company which will be upfront with you about their prices, contact Limo Broker now.

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