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If for you, it's all about the view, then you need to take the time to enjoy a view you probably see every day but have little time to really appreciate - the River Thames. Views of the Thames also have the added advantage of being ever changing and different depending on where you are enjoying them from, so even if you pass by the Thames on your way to work every day in London, staying in the Thames Riviera Hotel in Berkshire will give you a whole new perspective.

And don't just limit your viewing to the river, or to your hotel stay as you can enjoy the ride and the views of the Berkshire countryside along the way, by hiring a limousine as your holiday transport. Riding to your Berkshire hotel in a limousine means you don't have to be content with fleeting views of the countryside in between folding maps and following road signs.

Instead, during your limousine ride to the Thames Riviera Hotel in Berkshire, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the complete holiday experience, which is much more than just a few nights away in a nice hotel room. However, nights slept in a nice hotel room should not be disregarded either and the rooms at the Thames Riviera Hotel in Berkshire are some of the most luxurious and give you yet another perspective on our nation's most famous river.

The majority of the rooms in your chosen Berkshire hotel have views of the river framed perfectly from the windows. Others also have balconies and terraces to overlook the river, and you don't even have to tear yourself away for meals as you can eat at the onsite Blue River Cafe all day, from breakfast to late into the evening.

Staying right on the river you even have the opportunity to take a boat for a cruise, and this is the perfect transport solution if you want a little fresh air and are therefore not in the mood to call on your chauffeur. However, when you are ready to leave, your limousine will be ready and waiting and your chauffeur will gladly help load your bags and have you on the road home in no time.

For more information about hiring a limousine for a riverside holiday in Berkshire, contact Limo Broker now.

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