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You may not have the money for a big overseas holiday this year because you've just bought a new house, a new car or started a new job. However, you don't have to simply stay at home, take the phone off the hook and not answer the door to pretend you are on holiday. There are plenty of easy ways to make a quick getaway extra special and budget friendly.

For example, the idea of a holiday in your own country may not thrill you, but you can easily spice it up. Firstly, you can hire a limousine to take you and your partner to your hotel so that you really feel removed from the everyday.

The limousine won't blow your budget either because you can hire a discreet yet stylish limousine which is simply a long wheelbase luxury car for not much more than the price of a taxi and you will feel just like you are on an exotic getaway.

Before your chauffeur greets you at the door, you will have to know where he is taking you, and this all depends on what you want to get up to on your holiday. You may want to continue the theme of indulgence from your limousine to your choice of hotel, therefore, book yourselves into Dorian House in Bath, Somerset.

The historic surroundings of Bath will inspire you to learn more about your own amazing country. Dorian House is set off the beaten track of the city of Bath, and offers you an intimate and relaxing escape. Most of the rooms at Dorian House look out over either the Royal Crescent or the House's own perfectly manicured gardens and many include a four poster bed. Dorian House is built from Bath stone circa 1880 and is a great example of the elegant Victorian architecture.

Some of the most amazing wonders of Britain are located in and around Bath and when you make your way to Stone Henge or the Cotswold, you will wonder why you ever thought you needed to leave the UK for a breathtaking holiday experience.

Of course Bath also gives you access to the most relaxing and indulgent beauty and restorative treatments including facials, massages and the Thermae Bath Spa which is located in the heart of the city of bath and the natural thermal waters have recently been reopened after 28 years.

To ensure your relaxation lasts until you get home, make sure you book your limousine to take you both to and from Bath by contacting Limo Broker now.

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