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Advice on Choosing the Right Limo Size for Hire

When it comes to choosing the size of limousine you hire, you may simply go for the �bigger is better' theory and choose the biggest limousine you can afford, or even if you can't afford it, as the case may be. However, the size of the limousine you choose for your event or function requires a lot more thought than just a quick look at the bottom line.

Firstly, is your limousine hire for a �social' event like a prom or a �close' event like a funeral where all the passengers want to be in the same limousine for comfort and support, or just so they don't miss out on any of the goss? If this is the case then yes, choose the biggest limousine to fit everyone in, but make sure it really does fit in everyone.

A limousine labelled as an eight, ten or twenty seater is not always accurately represented. For example, are any of the male passengers �built like wrestlers' and likely to need a little extra room? And how big are the girls' dresses and are they going to be upset when these �wrestlers' crease their gowns? To avoid a squeezy ride, don't book a limousine on the number alone, go and see the size for yourself and make the call then.

Or maybe you are hiring limousines for a wedding convoy or for transport surrounding a business conference, in which case privacy might be high on your list. Your bridal party may already be coupled together either married or dating, and as the happy couple you'd prefer a private limo ride with your new spouse too, so choose a limo based on how big it's not. The same goes for corporate limousines where guests may want to discuss meetings and issues with colleagues from their own companies, rather than in the company of other guests they don't really know.

There are plenty of stylish limousines which can accommodate two to four people in the same comfort and style of all of the larger limousines, but which achieve a completely different atmosphere.

So for more information about the size of limousine you need to hire, contact Limo Broker now.

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