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Where do I go? What do I want? Am I getting a good deal? Should I shop around? Don't drive yourself round the bend with questions, take 5 minutes out and let us answer them all. It's not every day you hire a limousine, you're not expected to be an authority on limo hire. Fortunately we are. Whatever you're looking for we can help. With years of experience behind us you can rest assured you'll be in capable hands when you book with us.

We have a team of dedicated customer service advisers who are highly knowledgeable on all aspects of limo hire so they can handle any question you throw at them. If you have specific requirements, make them known to us and we'll tailor a specific limo package for you. If you want a hummer limo to take you on a shopping spree around London's Oxford Street then on a guided tour of the sights before heading off for a slap up meal in Covent Garden, then we can arrange it.

If you come to us for limo hire you'll be able to pick your vehicle from the largest fleet in the country, no one else has a bigger choice. Since we are a limo broker, you won't get a cheaper deal with anyone else. We work for you by calling around stacks of companies to compare prices until we find the cheapest price. Don't make life difficult for yourself, call us and let us shop around on your behalf.

You may feel slightly overwhelmed by the mind boggling array of limos and luxury vehicles on offer, in which case you may require some advice. We are happy to assist you in every area of your enquiry. In order to offer our customers the best service possible, we like to get to know them and their needs so we are in a better position to help. If you your main priority is to party then we can advise you on the best vehicles to aid you in your mission, the hummer limo is a good contender for such a role. Alternatively you may be looking for pure unadulterated glamour and luxury, in which case the Rolls Royce Phantom may be just up your street.

The only question you need to ask yourself is �what is Limo Broker's number?� Then let everything else fall effortlessly into place.

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