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Starting a new business is not only stressful but it also has the ability to fill you with a lot of self-doubt. �What was I thinking?' �I'll never make any money' �The phone is never going to ring�' and if you sit in your new office thinking this all day, then this is surely what is going to happen. So you need to make sure you get out there and start networking to get your new limo hire company up and driving.

Of course you have to make sure you are networking with the right people first off because if the people you are schmoozing are going to lead you to productive passengers. So first of all you may like to get in with your local industry associations as not only will you meet other people in the same situation as you are, being part of an industry association will show your potential customers you are dedicated to the industry and being up to date and in touch is important to your business.

Once you are meeting and greeting your counterparts you want to make sure you give the best first impression you can while getting all of the necessary information across about your business. You want to be interesting and assertive without being pushy and you also want to make sure you are up front with people and make it clear you want to work together and that you are interested in any help, advice or cooperation they can offer.

When you are up front with people when you first meet and approach them, they will remember how they were treated initially and will know you will do the right thing by them in business too. Also make sure you are talking to the right people. When offering your limo hire company services to a hotel for example, there is little point in talking to the hotel manager or owner as they are not likely to be the one who calls for a limousine when their important guest needs to get to the airport.

Therefore, speak to the people who will be speaking to you as while there may be directives from the top about limo hire companies who have been used before, if the receptionist can put a face to a name, or even to a business card, they are more likely to reach for your card again when they need a limo, if you have made the right impression.

And of course only if you have given them your card to begin with. You don't have your business cards designed and printed up so they can sit in your desk. You put all that effort in so that people would see and remember them so not only should you give people your card on meeting them, also send a follow up note after a meeting or phone call, with a few more cards attached.

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