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Welcome to our Leigh limo hire page. If you are looking to book a chauffeur car or a stretch limo for your next special event then look no further than us. We cover all areas of the Northwest and Lancashire including local areas such as Atherton, Wigan and Manchester.

Everyone has days where they feel sad or depressed, but generally we are able to make it through with the help of a few blocks of chocolate and a stack of chick flicks'. However, when something bad really does happen to one of your friends, you want to do everything you can to help.

While you can't actually assassinate your friend's boss if she was fired or pour fish guts into her ex-boyfriends car because he has dumped her, you can help to cheer her up in a totally legal way.

If you have a friend who has just lost her job, been dumped by her boyfriend or is simply having a stressful time with her family or her work, all you have to do is hire a limousine and get her out of the house and into a better mood.

By hiring a limo, you and your friend who needs cheering up, as well as any other buddies you want to pick up along the way, will not have to worry about driving anywhere, but will simply be able to sit back, have a few samples from the limo bar and have a good long, uninterrupted bitching session to make you all feel better.

You can then of course move onto some more girly gossip topics as everyone knows you will feel much better after a good solid girly chat. You can then either take your now cheered up friend out to your favourite bar or restaurant or simply cruise through Manchester and enjoy being chauffeured around.

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  • We serve all areas of Leigh

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