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Limo Hire in Ireland to Tour Traditional Irish Pubs

Irish pubs have got to be the most replicated pubs the world over. Regardless of the town, city or country you are in, in any part of the world, chances are you will find at least one Irish theme pub. Unfortunately - for the reputation of the Irish it is unfortunate at least - the replicated Irish pubs you find outside of Ireland, are actually nothing like a true Irish pub.

Which is why you should spend some time touring the true Irish pubs, the ones you will only find in Ireland. But with a pub crawl of the biggest and best Irish pubs, will of course come some of the biggest and best Irish beers and spirits you have ever tasted, so how do you decide who gets the unhappy role of designated driver, while the rest of the group discovers their inner Irish?

You hire a designated driver of course, but not just any designated driver - a limousine chauffeur, complete with luxury limousine. Hiring a limousine for your Irish pub crawl to find the true authentic heart of the original Irish pub, means that no one has to miss out on taste testing the finest brews, and you have a comfortable and reliable ride between pubs, without any time wasted waiting for a cab to get you to your next destination.

Also, in hiring a limousine in Ireland, you will also be getting a local Irish chauffeur. This means that even if you too are a local, or have been recommended several local Irish pubs for your tour, your Irish limousine chauffeur is sure to know a few more too.

So for more information about hiring a limousine and a local Irish chauffeur who can let you in on the secrets of the best, true Irish pubs in Ireland, contact Limo Broker now.

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