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You may not think that you are the type of person who indulges in a little luxury at every opportunity. However, in Harrow luxury can be many things, it is often more than silk sheets or wool carpets and goes far beyond room service or a corporate box at the big game.

Luxury is about indulgence, about spoiling yourself, about doing something which makes you happy and allows you to leave the worries in your life behind for a little while. So while luxury may be silk and chocolates to one person, to you, a luxurious indulgence in Harrow could be something quite different.

This is why we have a range of luxury limousine hire packages available for our passengers to choose from when they hire with us in Harrow, but we also offer you the opportunity to build a luxury package which suits your idea of indulgence. You may like to choose our Champagne and Chocolates luxury limousine package where you and a special someone, or even a group of friends, is treated to a ride through Harrow in a stretch limousine with a limo bar stocked with the best champagne and a range of the highest quality Swiss chocolates on hand.

Or perhaps you have just had a baby and your idea of indulgence is to keep the champagne but add in all of the other things you've had to go without for nine months. Your gastronomic limousine ride through Harrow may include mountains of Camembert, or rolls and rolls of sushi.

Some people booking limo hire in Harrow choose our Movie Star Magic indulgence package where your limousine chauffeur is dressed in a full top hat and tails costume, there is a fur stole on hand for m' lady and a spare top hat for you sir, and your Rolls-Royce limousine chauffeur then takes you to your private theatre box to enjoy a magical theatre or opera show.

However, you may choose to swap in a Hummer limousine instead and have your chauffeur play the role of CIA body guard' while you and your glittering girl take advantage of a corporate box at the big game, thank you very much.

For more information about the luxurious and indulgent limousine hire packages available in Harrow, or to build your own, contact Limo Broker now.

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