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Limo Hire in Dublin and Ireland

The capital of any country is a great starting point to explore and Ireland is no exception. Whether you are a tourist to Dublin or you have decided to holiday at home, or maybe even just discover some local secrets you're usually too busy to see, your sightseeing around Dublin and Ireland will be more interesting to look at when you use the right tools.

The most important and versatile tool you can start your sightseeing around Dublin with is a limousine. That's right, in hiring limos in Dublin to start your sightseeing tour, you already have everything you need to ensure a comfortable, fun and interesting trip.

When you hire a limousine in Dublin, you will also be getting a local limousine chauffeur, and as anyone who has ever holidayed anywhere will know, a knowledgeable and helpful local is worth a hundred good maps. And not only do you have a knowledgeable local on your side, they are also behind the wheel so there is none of the usual holiday sightseeing stress associated with deciphering maps and following directions as you chauffeur takes care of all of this.

But perhaps the jewel in your limousine chauffeur/tour guide's crown is the limousine itself. Sightseeing around Dublin in a limousine is as different from doing the driver yourself as you can get. As soon as you slide into the cool and comfortable back seat of the limousine you are ready to enjoy the sights of Ireland. You can enjoy all the landmarks and interesting places you pass without having to keep one eye on the road, and you will always have somewhere comfortable to return to after a long tour or trek.

Plus, your limousine will also have a bar and fridge where you can keep your drinks cold and a picnic lunch safe, saving you from buying overpriced tourist snacks, and giving you the opportunity to set out your picnic rug wherever you choose.

For more information about hiring a local limousine tour guide in Dublin, please contact us now.

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