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Coming out of a long cold winter it may be hard to imagine celebrating May Day on 1 May this year. Or maybe you are already imagining the celebrations which mark the end of winter and welcome the warmer weather. But whether or not you have thought about your May Day celebrations, you should start planning for them now to ensure you can start this spring in style.

The origins of May Day are often disputed and it is often thought that in the Northern Hemisphere 1 May is celebrated without reference to religious or political beliefs. However, others believe that at the beginning of the 20th century as Europe was being turned to Christianity and pagan holidays were losing significance next to celebrations like Christmas and Easter, the neo-pagans began reconstructing the old traditions and celebrated May Day as a pagan religious festival.

Regardless of the origins, May Day is a chance to throw off the shackles of heavy winter clothing and footwear, smother the fire and get out of the house, and what better way to welcome spring and summer than in a bright and shiny limousine. Hiring a limousine for your May Day celebrations may take you to traditional celebrations in Oxford which begin at sunrise when many of the pubs open, and where many of the college bars stay open all night. You may also want to be a part of one of the May Balls which celebrate the beginning of spring and which are followed by Madrigals which are sung from the roof of the Tower of Magdalen College.

Or if you direct your May Day limousine to Cornwall you can be part of the Obby-Oss' day festivities which are believed to be some of the oldest fertility rites in the country. You can be part of the dance with the Oss which makes its way through the streets of Cornwall and sometimes even through the grounds of private homes and is accompanied by accordion players signing the traditional May Day song.

So after all of the singing and dancing there is to be done in May Day celebrations all over England, you will be glad you have hired a limousine to come along where you can rest your feet for a while. For more information about hiring a May Day limousine in Oxford or Cornwall this year, contact Limo Broker now.

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