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How to Choose the Right Coloured Limo for Hire

The colour of limousine you choose to hire is of course up to you and depends on your personal tastes and on the style and theme of your event, evening or occasion. However, with limousines now available in every colour of the rainbow - not to mention some very creative combinations of these colours - the choice can seems a little daunting.

So here are a few basic tips to give you a starting point for your limousine colour choices.

Firstly, do you want your limousine to be the centre of attention or simply a stunning compliment to the current theme of the event? For example, on your wedding day, typical colour choice for wedding limos is white because they are fresh and bright and match perfectly to the bridal gown, the flowers and probably even the bridal party to some extent.

If you want your limousine to stand out from the crowd however, you should choose a contrasting colour to the rest of the event, and to what everyone is expecting. At a wedding a contrasting limousine would be black or pink and as well as drawing attention to itself, a contrasting limousine also allows a white bridal gown to stand out more too.

Secondly what colour of limousine is appropriate for your event, and do you care? You expect a black limousine at a funeral, a white limousine at a wedding and a silver limousine at a corporate conference, and if you want to choose the �right' limo for an event these are the colours to go for. However, if you want to choose a limousine which shows a quirky side which the deceased had choose a purple funeral limousine. If your business is young and vibrant and has clients in the same place, choose a gold corporate limousine.

For more information and advice about limousine hire and limo colour choices, contact Limo Broker now.

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