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Whenever you hop on a plane for a holiday or even just a weekend away, one of the most relaxing things about it is the fact that you have left your car behind and you don't have to worry about traffic, parking, unfamiliar roads or how many glasses of wine you had on the plane.

However, if you are taking a short holiday at home' and are heading only as far as Colchester, you probably aren't flying and therefore won't be enjoying the freedom from your wheels, but you can. All you have to do is book a limousine to take you right from your doorstep through Essex and to the Maison Talbooth Hotel in Colchester for a night with one of your favourite literary writers.

The Maison Talbooth Hotel has rooms named in honour of Shakespeare, Shelley and Browning and each has their own surprises and indulgences just waiting for you. However, before you even enter the grounds of the hotel overlooking the Stour river valley and the medieval church of Stratford St Mary, you can enjoy a relaxing limousine ride through Essex and start your holiday or weekend away before you have even open your suitcases.

During your limousine ride you can brush up on your favourite Shakespeare, or just sit back and enjoy a drink from the limo bar as you spend the travelling time unwinding from the stresses of life, so you are ready to enjoy your holiday and the activities you have planned around Colchester, as soon as you arrive.

If your chauffeur delivers you to the Browning room on the ground floor, you can enjoy the views over Dedham Vale and relax in the tranquillity of this Victorian Manor house, with all of the modern luxuries you need. Shelley is on the first floor of the Maison Talbooth Hotel and its corner position gives you views of both Dedham Vale and the gardens stretching towards Dedham village. Also recently refurbished, Shelley has a luxurious bathroom with a power shower, and a Jacuzzi bath from which you can enjoy the views.

Staying with Shakespeare your room will have a huge walk in shower, a double bath, plus a hot tub on a private terrace for the ultimate luxury experience. Inside there is also a king sized bed, goose feather quilt and Egyptian cotton sheets to welcome you into a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

When you are sufficiently rested and relaxed, your limousine chauffeur will return to the hotel to take you home again in the same style and luxury you are now accustomed to. For more information about hiring a limousine for a relaxing holiday in Colchester, contact us now.

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