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Limousine airport transfers are very popular in Cardiff as you don't have to worry about the traffic, the directions or your luggage when you are picked up from the airport by a chauffeur driven limousine.

However, in Manhattan, there is a helicopter shuttle which is working the run from Newark Airport to Manhattan in the skies. The helicopter shuttle has been transporting passengers from JFK Airport to Wall Street and is now set to become the only scheduled helicopter shuttle service to link Newark Airport with Manhattan, as the shuttle leaves every hour.

While the helicopter airport transfer is more expensive than a taxi or a limousine transfer, the prices have recently come down to be appealing to premium travellers who want to avoid the traffic of the city all together.

The helicopter airport transfer is of course much faster and takes only eight minutes to make the trip into the city. The helicopter airport shuttle operators are hoping that the helicopter transfer will help attract more high-yielding corporate customers to the Northeast.

The helicopter seats eight passengers plus the pilot and co-pilot and is being marketed at managers and large companies which already have a limousine airport transfer budget to use.

With the speedy and efficient helicopter airport transfers set to attract much of the business custom from the Newark Airport, the local limousine hire companies may be in for a shock.

The helicopter transfer is able to offer all of the speed, ease and comfort of a limousine transfer with a passenger seating compartment similar to a mini bus, however, there may be a few strange looks from the accounts department when the management announces they are switching from limousines to helicopters to get them to and from the airport.

However, there are no such helicopter transfers available in Cardiff, or from any other major UK airports just yet, and anyway, can you pour your self a drink from the bar and read the paper during a helicopter airport transfer?

For more information about a limousine airport transfer for your next trip from Cardiff, contact Limo Broker now.

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