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So you are organising a hen's party for your best friend and she has told you 'no tacky strippers!' It is her choice after all and with the rush and stress surrounding organising a wedding, the bride-to-be will be feeling a little frazzled and the last thing she wants to worry about is having a glittering male g-string thrust into her face.

Therefore, treat your friend to a hen's party to relax and rejuvenate her, she never said you couldn't sample cocktails at the funkiest new bar in town.

But before you all head out, book your friends in for a make over. Make appointments for all of the girls to go to those classy hairdressers that you never thought you could afford, after all this is a special occasion. Then make your way to the make up counters of your favourite department store and then onto a cocktail bar to wow everyone.

An even more relaxing choice would be to book your hen's party into a yoga or health retreat where you can brush up on your positions and rejuvenate your body and mind. Or you can choose a honey, seaweed or mud wrap, visit the spa, sauna or steam room to get you all gleaming ready for the big day.

For the ultimate chocolate indulgence, head to Brussels where you will be in chocolate heaven. You can take a tour of the chocolate factory and stock up on quality chockies all weekend.

Or if you are planning a hen's part at your place, what better way to kick it off than with a gourmet meal. You can hire a grommet chef to come to your house and cook for the bride and her friends as well as learning a few tricks of the trade before painting each other's toes and watching a marathon of romantic comedies.

For relaxation right in the middle of Covent Garden, visit The Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is an oasis where you can slip into those luxurious white fluffy dressing gowns, paint your nails, read, book in for professional beauty treatments and try out the Jacuzzi.

So if you want to ease the stress of the bride-to-be in the lead up to her wedding day, take advantage of these pampering ideas and to make it even more luxurious, contact us now for a quote on a limousine to take you all to your retreats and back, in style.

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