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Limousine hire services in Brighton and the surrounding areas of East Sussex. We offer a wider range of stretch limos, chauffeur cars and wedding cars. Get your quote from UK's #1 limo rental company now and save money.

Many schools suffer a truancy problem with their students, many families all leave home at the same time in the mornings - the kids to school and the parents to work and so the parents are trusting their children to go to school and stay for all of their classes.

However, the temptation of the mall down to road or the beach during summer are often too much for some students and as a result they are missing out on vital lessons and time at school.

Therefore, one high school is offering their students a limousine ride and a restaurant meal if they turn up to all of their lessons. Students will only receive the reward if they have a 100% attendance record, but they are allowed to take one friend along too.

The reward includes a chauffeur driven limousine ride to the local Italian restaurant during lunch. The rest of the students are not being forgotten either as those with 90% records will go in the running for other prizes such as tickets to the movies or bowling.

The US school is in one of the city's most underprivileged areas and has long been battling the high rates of truancy. The school attempted last year to keep the students at school during their lunch break by installing satellite music and sports channels and showing them on plasma screens.

The rewards programs were started in January of this year and since then the school has seen a rise from 86% attendance to 88% which equates to an extra 1,700 hours of learning for students.

Since the rewards program began, three students have achieved the 100% attendance record and have received their free limousine and lunch. While it may seem like bribery, the school looks at it in the context of the already reward driven world - we work for salaries, we work hard so we can reward ourselves with holidays and shopping sprees - the limousine ride is simply an incentive for the students to learn.

For more information or to hire a limousine as your personal reward here in Brighton, contact Limo Broker now.

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