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Pre Limousine Hire Checklists...

Before hiring a limousine there are a number of things you need to check over inside and outside the limousine around the chauffeur and within the limo hire company you are using so here is a run through of the things you should know before you settle into your limo.

Inside the Limo. Why Check? - Check the Inside of a Limo

How many seats are there?
How many people can fit comfortably if all seats are filled?
Does the limo have the accessories you wanted?
Do you need the accessories the limo has?
Do you have access to the bar?
Is the bar stocked with your preferred drinks?
Does the interior match the exterior and in turn, your event?

Outside of the Limo. Why Check? - Check the Outisde of a Limo

Is the limo clean?
Is the limo well maintained?
Does the limo have the limo hire company's name, logo or decal in inappropriate displays on the exterior?
Is the limo a cool colour for an event on a hot day?
Is the limo a warm colour for an event on a cool day?
Is the colour appropriate to the event?
Does the limo have enough ground clearance?
Is the limo manoeuvrable within your venue parking and drop off?

The Chauffeur. Why Check? - Check The Chauffeur

Is the chauffeur dressed appropriately?
Is the chauffeur fully licensed?
Is the chauffeur an experienced driver?
Is the chauffeur experienced with this type of limo?
Does the chauffeur know the area the event is being held?
Is the chauffeur polite?
Is the chauffeur helpful?
Is the chauffeur happy being a chauffeur?

The Limo Hire Company. Why Check? - Check the Limo Hire Company

Are they fully licensed?
Are they fully insured?
Are they fully qualified?
Are they helpful or do they make you wait for questions to be answered or calls to be returned?
Do they have physical premises?
Is their office professional and clean?

The Hire Contract. Why Check? - Read and Check the Contract

Must it be signed by someone over 18 years of age?
Is there a refund policy?
Is there a cancellation policy?
Is the limo colour, model and style specified on the contract?
Is the service guaranteed?
Is there a payment plan?
Are you happy with the payment options?
How many pick ups and drop offs are allowed for?
Is the price fixed?
Is the timeline fixed?
Are there additional charges for drinks, extended times, additional drop offs?
When is payment finalised?

These are all questions you should ask and have sufficiently answered before your limo ride and make sure you get the correct answers on the related pages linked to each section above.

For more information about hiring a limousine from a broker who has already asked all of these questions for you, contact Limo Broker now.

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