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While it may seem like limos and limo hire companies are in every corner of the UK, in some counties there are stricter regulations governing the types of limousines allowed for operation and what they can be used for. For example, as recently as September 2007 the South Norfolk Council barred stretch limousines as being used as a taxi and they could only be used for weddings, funerals and contracts and for no less than seven days duration.

In order to hire a limousine for private hire in South Norfolk you would have had to contact a limousine hire company outside of the jurisdiction of your local council. However, towards the end of last year, the South Norfolk Council decided to change its policy against stretch limousines and allow them to operate for private hire.

After trying for three years to obtain a license for private hire, a local stretch limo operator applied as soon as the regulations were changed and had his Millennium stretch limousine approved. The council's concerns were always based on the safety of the stretched limousines and so to obtain a new private hire license in South Norfolk limousines must pass a series of checks and tests.

In protecting the public, the council must also be up to date with the latest safety and licensing regulations so they are able to recognise that although a limousine has been significantly modified, it is still safe, roadworthy and reliable for the local passengers. While the operators who are already doing the right thing will have no trouble getting licensed and expanding their operations to private hire, engaging the council and the local limo hire companies in such stringent tests adds another layer to the net to catch those operators putting their passengers in danger.

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