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If you enjoy finding a bar where the staff are good, the decor is nice and it's a comfortable place to enjoy a few drinks with your friends, then visit the Zing Wine Bar where it is always the same but always slightly different too. There is nothing like finding somewhere you know will be consistently good, everyone loves it, that's why McDonald's are such a global success because a cheese burger is the same in Australia as it is in America.

However, when you head out for a special night or just want to enjoy a Saturday night drinking good wines with good friends, you want to enjoy something a little different too, which is why the Zing Wine Bar not only excels in their service and atmosphere, they also work hard to bring you new and exciting drinks every week.

So if you are planning a night out to taste the newest drinks on offer at Zing, then you need to hire a limousine to get you there and back safely. Not only will your limousine be ready and waiting when the bar closes to take you home, a luxury limo ride to a chic Ipswich bar will be just another exciting difference in the same weekend ritual.

Zing stocks an ever changing range of rare beers, new liqueurs and spirits and bottle mixes, plus you can couple your unique liquids with a selection of six flavours of Japanese snacks. Also, Zing offers you a chance to enjoy more of the spirits you order and get better value for your money on your night out as they serve 35 mm shots, rather than the regular 25 mm ones you will get at other bars.

So with so many new drinks to choose from and more of them to enjoy, you will once again be glad you have a reliable and safe designated driver in your limousine chauffeur.

For more information about hiring a limousine and chauffeur to get you around Ipswich for a night of spirits tasting, contact Limo Broker now.

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