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GPS Limo Race

We are most definitely living in the information age and there is nothing like having the ability to check your email, call or message your friends and find the quickest way to the nearest pub, right in the palm of your hand. So while we have all of this information and technology, not many of us use it because while we have embraced the new gadgets by going out and buying them, they are not yet second nature to everyone.

Therefore, plan a fun and mind exercising activity for this weekend with your friends and set out a GPS race. Many GPS programs are portable as they are not only able to be used for negotiating unfamiliar roads, but can also be disconnected from the car if you choose to go bushwalking for example.

So if you and your friends have all equipped your cars with the latest GPS model but only ever use the �locate closest pub' function, you can detach your GPS and enter a course across the countryside. You can take the GPS from a friend's car and enter a course and they can take yours and enter another course, with the final destination of both, being Doncaster (where you can once again use the �locate closest pub' function).

To make the race even more interesting, you can each hire a limo and take the GPS programmed by the other and follow its directions to the destination. You will be able to safely watch the map and listen to the instructions from your GPS as the limo chauffeur negotiates the roads, and the limos will hang around once you both reach Doncaster to take you home again from the pub.

So if you have programmed your friend's GPS to take them from Huddersfield, through Wakefield and then Carlisle to reach Doncaster your limo will probably not cross paths as your GPS directs you from Liverpool to Hereford and then through Shrewsbury before finishing your GPS race at Doncaster too.

The outcome of the race then rests on which one of you can read and follow the directions of your GPS the best and whether you have lucked out in choosing a chauffeur who is familiar with Liverpool and Hereford or if your competitor's chauffeur knows their way through Carlisle.

For more information about hiring a limo to give your GPS and navigation skills a work out, contact us now.

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