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If you are looking for a limousine industry forum, Limo Forum is one of the best place to have your say and share the concerns, issues and views with other limousine operators.

The Limo Forum website receives over three million hits and around 15,000 unique visitors each month, and has rapidly gained members since its inception.

Current membership stands at 385 (9th March 2009), with new applications to join being received daily. The strict joining requirements stipulate that only people with limo related websites may become members.

However, all applications are judged on their merits, and exceptions can be made. Consideration for membership will be given to new operators who are just starting out, and whose website is still under construction, and to chauffeurs who are employed by limousine companies.

Whether you want to talk about the limo law, needs information about the schedule 6 conversion, or just looking to speak to other limo operators... You can find it all at Limo Forum, the UK's leading limo chat website. - Limousine industry forum!

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