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Limousine and Chauffeur Accidents...

Accidents happen on the road, it is part of life and if anyone ever says they have never been in an accident, scraped their car or mounted the curb, they are lying, or they don't drive very much. Sometimes accidents aren't even the driver's fault and a car can be dinged at the lights or in the parking lot, or a tyre could blow out from road debris and need to be replaced.

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However, when running a limousine hire business, someone needs to be held accountable, because someone needs to pay for the repairs. If a chauffeur gets into an accident which is not their fault - caused by a careless driver - then the other driver who is at fault will take care of the costs. However, in a limo hire company if a chauffeur nicks a light post or lets their passenger open their door into oncoming traffic (with predictable results) then these accidents are the driver's fault.

One solution is to solve this problem at the source and firstly make sure your chauffeurs are highly trained and experienced drivers who are able to avoid most types of accidents and damages to your limousines, and secondly, make sure they feel a responsibility to look after their vehicles. This can be to do with the attitude of the individual and whether they care about the property of their employer, and it can also be enforced by deducting the costs of the damages from your chauffeur's wages.

Just make sure you know the legalities of the employment contract you have with your chauffeurs and the laws in your area surrounding deducting damages from your employee's wages. Each company and each accident is different and if the accident was genuinely an accident and you don't want to lose a hard working chauffeur, you may be able to over look it. But if the chauffeur has a history of carelessness and accidents, then you may have to do something about it.

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