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Pink limo? Black limo? White limo? YOU CHOOSE

Limousines come in so many different colours that many limo hire company fleets are a rainbow of vehicles. But it is not surprising that you can choose from almost any colour for the limousine you want for your special night out. After all, you can choose from almost every car manufacturer and luxury vehicle so why not choose one in your favourite colour too.

Limousine hire has quickly become popular with hen's and stag night parties and this has lead the changes to the limousine colour spectrum. While white was a revolutionary limousine colour when it was first introduced, white and silver and the colours which most people associate with traditional limousines.

However, with more brides-to-be wanting a special big night out before they tied the knot, pink limousines have exploded in popularity. Not to be outdone, the boys also want a limo for their stag night which guarantees them a great night out and shows off their personality, ensuring that more and more limousines are now available in black. Of course the type of limousine also dictates its colour and as you would expect, the fire engine limousines are red, but they of course come in a pink option too.

So with the toughest and the girliest colours already out there for you to choose from, which direction will the limousine industry's colour palette take next? We'll just have to wait and see, or maybe your limousine requests will show us the way, but whatever the newest hot colour in limousines is going to be, it is sure to be more lavish and more stunning than anything which has come before.

With blue, pink, purple, red, black, white, silver, grey and yellow limousines out there, it is as easy as a limousine hire company taking a colour sample to an automotive paint workshop and asking for them to make up a batch and the next big thing in limousine colours will be born.

But for more information about the different coloured limousines already available, or to suggest a new colour, contact Limo Broker now.

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