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Some limousine operators are only small operations and so it is not feasible for them to enter the limo hire industry on their own. Therefore, they will affiliate themselves with a larger limo hire company and operate from their base and use the larger company to help them organise and push through their paperwork, as well as sharing overheads and operating tools.

However, in some areas, it can actually be against the law for these smaller limousine operators to advertise their own business and promote their own limousines as they do not have their own base for their business, but are working from the base of another limo hire company. This is a particular issue in New York as having a base for a limo hire company is a way for the authorities to monitor the businesses and their operations. However, the affiliated companies have their own registered business name, and all of their insurance and licensing is in their business name too.

Unfortunately for these limo rental companies, while they operate mostly within their own right, they cannot advertise in their own right. As such it can be seen as an offence that they display a sign in front of their office to show their customers where they need to go to make payments and view the limousines.

This is why it is so important for limo hire companies to fully research their operations before starting up a limousine hire fleet. There are intricacies in laws and in different areas which can make an initially good idea seem not really as workable as first thought. This is also why it is important to research a limousine hire company you are considering hiring from, as while they may seem to have a good, reputable name, that may just be the name they are operating under at the time.

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