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Limo Broker is an ever-growing business made up of a diverse collection of departments. As well as being one of Cardiff's most successful call centres we work with an ethos that promotes job creation across the board.

We cater to all career paths from Sales and Retentions to Journalism and Accountancy, putting ourselves forth as an attractive occupational choice for all seeking employment.

A great part of your working life is knowing that you are both happy and secure in your job. At Limo Broker, we ensure that all our staff are fully trained and equipped with the correct tools necessary to carry out their role to the best of their ability. Ensuring our staff are content and comfortable with their workload is our mission, implement business pillars that make the most of our employees.

Limo Broker is a technologically advanced company, made up of a team of I.T experts. From Coders and Programmers to Designers, Animators and Content Writers, this department ensures the whole business works in a modern manner. Due to the expansive nature of new technology Limo Broker is constantly making additions to their web team, posting prosperous positions that are in great demand by graduates.

Whether you wish to utilise your customer service strengths or are passionate about research and marketing, this well-rounded and promising business is constantly adding to their fleet of staff as well as vehicles.

Revelling in the fun yet proactive atmosphere that the Limo Broker Head Quarters works within ensures career growth is inevitable with the Directors of the company boasting high levels of experience as well as industry respect.

If you are job seeking and wish to work for a successful company that is rich in business incentives then keep Limo Broker in mind and make your first steps on your professional journey.

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