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CEO Jaguar Luxury Vehicles Lost Battle With Cancer

The chief executive officer of Jaguar Land Rover, Geoff Polites, had been battling with cancer, however, before he lost that battle earlier this year, he was able to return home to Australia, to his family and friends, shortly before he died.

It was Mr Polites who was able to steer Jaguar Land Rover through some tough times after taking over as CEO in 2005. It was his team which returned the company to a profitable business, and were able to negotiate the recent sale of the company to Tata Motors. Polites also held a number of positions within Ford before being appointed at Jaguar Land Rover, including working as vice president, marketing, sales and service, and vice president of the European sales staff, Ford of Europe and from 1999 to 2004 he was president of Ford Australia.

Mr Polites was respected and admired by his family, friends and colleagues and everyone whose life he was able to touch. He will also be remembered for his passion for the luxury car industry and his resolve to restore Jaguar Land Rover to its former glory.

In working to manage a major luxury car manufacturer, and not just in one country, but also manufacturers on the other side of the world, Polites had the opportunity to leave behind a special and unique legacy. He was a part of every luxury Land Rover or Jaguar limousine which rolled off the production line during his tenure as CEO and hopefully his family will honour his memory and his work by using Ford or Jaguar limousines in his funeral convoy and preparations.

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