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Make sure you get the right insurance for private hire.

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Make sure you get the right insurance for private hire.

Effective insurance is vital when setting up your own vehicle hire firm, with one uncovered accident being detrimental to the success of your firm. Where starting up a business is all about getting your name out there you must take a step back and think of the risks your business poses, putting an insurance policy in place to keep your mind at ease.

It is very important that you provide your insurance company with as much details as possible when obtaining a quote, relaying to them all the information about you, your vehicle and how you will operate it.

If you are buying a limousine or chauffeur car to hire out as a bridal vehicle then you must let you insurer know this, as you may need a wedding car insurance policy, supporting you and your specific needs. This type of policy will cover you for all wedding related risks such as accidents occurring whilst occupying passengers, being involved in accidents and unexpected mechanical issues.

Where such specialist car insurance is renowned for being expensive there are many ways to save money on coverage and still receive a great policy of a high standard. At Limo Broker we have partnered with an insurance company that specialises in this niche insurance market, offering incredible rates for wedding car insurance and private hire insurance.

If you are just starting out as an operator or are due for renewal then we are more than happy to help you seek a great policy, using our industry contacts to further support our agents.

With luxury car hire being your main stream of income it is worth covering yourself wherever possible. It may be worth looking into public liability insurance also, seeing you supported to the highest level in the regrettable occurrence of an accident. With you car being your vehicle to success an accident can be very unfavourable with your car being off the road costing you a great deal of money. Many wedding and private hire insurance companies can offer a courtesy vehicle, assisting you in the event of a write-off.

If you would like to learn more about private hire car insurance then get in touch today.

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