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Hummer Limo Popularity Goes Down (Under)

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Hummer Limo Popularity Goes Down (Under)...

We all love the stretch Hummer limousines and they are one of the most popular limos hired here in the UK. So it is no surprise that everyone want to get into the action, however, importing cars, especially heavily modified stretch limousines, can be a tricky situation.

Taking the grunt and presence of the Hummer limousines to Australia for example is a costly and time consuming exercise. One particular Australian limo hire company has encountered come serious obstacles in their search for a Hummer. They were particularly looking for a second hand Hummer because of the obvious cost involved, and buying a second hand Hummer limousine means that all of the stretch adjustments have been completed, tried and tested.

The Aussie company also wanted a right hand drive and the only Hummers which come in RHD are the H3s, yet because they are the latest model, there are unlikely to be many second hand models available.

When importing any vehicle from anywhere, there will always be modifications and compliance issues to face. This is because the roads, drivers, passengers and legislation are different in each country and therefore the vehicles on the road must uniformly reflect those differences for the safety of the drivers, passengers and pedestrians using the roads.

Then there are the costs of import tax which can sometimes turn out to be more than the cost of the vehicle itself and must be researched carefully first. While the Australian limo hire company won't have to worry about complying a limousine they have never even seen, they will have to make sure that the limo is compliant and road worthy before they try to register it which can also be a long and expensive process, even before the limo has made them any money.

While the compliance and import laws are different everywhere, they are there to ensure that the super stretch SUV limousines turning heads on the streets are road worthy and safe for everyone.

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