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Government ministers love a ride in a limo as much as the next person, which is why they should probably avoid making rash promises about limiting the amount they are planning to use their personal chauffeur driven limos for affairs of office.

The Climate Change and Transport Minister in Edinburgh, Stewart Stevenson, promised shortly after gaining power last year, to only use his chauffeur driven limousine when absolutely necessary. However, in the first five months he has held office, Stevenson has made 165 limousine trips.

Stevenson promised that when he was in Edinburgh he would walk to meetings and appointments to reduce the carbon emissions of his limousine. However, while the Minister took over a hundred limo rides, not cutting down on the limo usage of his predecessor, he is riding in a Volvo S80, or a Honda Civic Hybrid limousine.

Also, the trips which the Minister promised to walk, the short ones around the city of Edinburgh, have been shown to have been replaced with limo rides, and while he told the public he would specifically ask his staff to schedule appointments with enough walking time, he is known to have made a trip which would take seven minutes on foot, in his chauffeur driven limousine.

Stevenson is taking a lot of heat, but he is not the only Minister who has promised to reduce their limousine usage and replace it with greener alternatives. Most alarmingly though, Stevenson's limousine was left running for 20 minutes while he conducted an interview, before taking him on yet another ministerial limousine ride.

While it may not seem like a big deal when one person opts for a five minute limousine ride over a seven minute walk, but limousines are one of the biggest contributors to harmful emissions - especially when they are left running at the curb for no reason - and simple acts by everyone can make a difference.

Even using a more environmentally friendly limousine like the Hybrid over the Volvo, or using limousines for longer trip instead of fuel guzzling stop start runs through Edinburgh is a good start.

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