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Limo Broker supply the Foxy-licious Limos for Foxy Bingo�s UK Tour

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Limo Broker supply Limos for Foxy Bingo UK Tour

Katie Price Celebrity Mum of the YearLimo Broker has teamed up with leading online Bingo website,, to provide the chauffeur driven Foxy-licious limos which are travelling the length and breadth of the country as part of Foxy Bingo's Spot the Limo competition and National Tour.

Two fully branded and super luxurious Foxy Bingo limousines are currently touring the UK providing chauffeur driven limo ride to a number of lucky competition winners. All of the winners are being treated to a chauffeur driven ride in one of the Foxy-licious limousines which are fully equipped with state of the art sound systems and TV screens with DVD players, fibre optic disco lighting and also an onboard mini cocktail bar, with a few free drinks thrown in for good measure!

As well as the national Foxy-licious limo tour, Foxy Bingo are also running the Spot the Limo Competition. The rules of the competition are pretty self explanatory; if you spot the Foxy Limo while out and about, take a picture and send it into Foxy Bingo with the subject title "Limo Spot�. You'll be automatically entered into a Prize Draw with the chance to win £250 cash - the winner will be announced on May 28th. If you happen to spot the Foxy-licious limo while it's parked up, ask the friendly chauffeur to take your picture next to the limo - the driver may even have a bonus card for you...

Both of the white Foxy Bingo limos are fitted with tracking devices so you can see where the limousines are at any time of the day, giving Foxy Bingo fans a head start when it comes to spotting one of the luxury stretch limousines.

The Foxy-licious limos are travelling throughout the UK between March 12th until June 5th so make sure you're on high alert for the Foxy Bingo limousine as it could be winging it's way to a town near you very soon...!

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