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Footballers Infamous Limo Ride...

Limo hire is very popular with anyone who wants a special night out or even to make a trip to the office or the airport a bit easier. A lot of the appeal of hiring a limo is in the fact that the limo comes with a chauffeur to drive you wherever you want to go and who will open your door, unload your bags and make the whole experience akin to having a butler.

However, many people consider limo hire to be out of their reach as it is often associated with the rich and famous and many people cannot justify the splurge on themselves. However, limo hire is not as expensive as it seems, often it is not much more expensive than calling a taxi and you get to ride in a much nicer vehicle with much better service.

Unfortunately our local footballers don't know just how affordable and easy it is to hire a limo through a limo hire company and several weeks ago, two former Newcastle United players, Rob Lee and Warren Barton, were arrested after a Mercedes E220 limousine was stolen and driven around east London.

The two former football stars were arrested under suspicion of the theft which saw the limousine stolen from Hackney Road and crashed into a van. It is also thought that a mobile phone and satellite navigation system were stolen from inside the limousine.

Scotland Yard are unwilling to confirm that the two arrested men were in fact the former football stars, but would only say that two men had been arrested and bailed to return in mid September.

That is another reason many people hire a limousine and chauffeur as they are either too tired or don't want to negotiate the traffic when driving and so they hire an experienced chauffeur who knows the roads, the traffic and how to expertly manoeuvre their limousine without hitting any other cars.

For more information about hiring a limousine and chauffeur through the correct channels for a night of indulgence normally reserved for the law abiding celebrities, contact Limo Broker now.

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