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If you want to plan a special family holiday which will get the kids excited to spend some time together, you may be thinking about an overseas trip. However, if your budget doesn't stretch to the US or Europe, you may decide to travel over the sea to Ireland.

However, while Ireland is in the UK, you are still without the local knowledge which comes from calling a country your home. Therefore, if you are unsure about the customs, expectations and manners in Ireland, you can make sure you have a local on hand and able to direct you to the most beautiful tourist attractions and answer all of your questions, by hiring a limousine.

You can hire a limousine to meet you at the airport or ferry when you arrive in Ireland and take you to your hotel in the capital in Belfast. On the limo ride through the city you can enjoy the scenery and get a feel for the country without having to battle any unusual local customs, while quizzing your chauffeur on how you should behave on your holiday.

Once your limousine has dropped you at your hotel in Belfast you can relax and start enjoying your stay by having a local meal in your hotel, or in town. If you would like to explore more of Ireland, you can call back your chauffeur who can take you over to Newcastle and they can probably even suggest some tourist activities you hadn't thought of and aren't listed in the travel guides - local secrets.

On your limousine rides through Ireland you will be able to enjoy the beautiful countryside without worrying about social faux pas and making a fool of yourself in another country. Hiring a limo on any family holiday is also a great idea as there are no fights from the kids about not having enough room, and they won't be bothered about how long it takes to get there as there will be plenty to amuse them in the limo.

So for more information about hiring a limo to create an exciting overseas family holiday, contact Limo Broker now.

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